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Yvette Vandenberg is a Master Storyteller, trainer and coach who has worked with the biggest of speakers, companies and entrepreneurs worldwide. She is also the spellbinding performing artist who brings powerful Spoken Word Poetry, hauntingly beautiful mystical songs and extraordinary storytelling to the stage.

And now she's teaching you all of her magic.


In the only live program with Yvette you will find your story, learn to tell it and discover the magic that you've carried inside of you all along. Will you join us?

Discover the Spoken Word Poetry and mystical songs like you've never heard them before and

learn more about the live performances. 

Wherever you are in your journey, Yvette has the perfect online training, workshop or masterclass for you. You have a story: now let the world hear it.

If there is anything you would like to talk about with Yvette or if you have any questions: you are so welcome to get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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We are preparing for the Storytelling-event of the year:
the Storytelling Seminar 2021 takes place Friday March 12nd

This seminar will be conducted in Dutch. 

Save the date and find all the updated information on this page.

See you there, Xx Yvette





Find different video's of Yvette's events, performances or videoclips here.

Want to get to that bigger stage and tell your true story? And discover that gift in the core that is you that you júst can't seem to reach, to bring it up and manifest it into the world?

Join the magic... live.
-This program is conducted in Dutch-



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The hundreds who came before you already experienced it: living your story means standing up for what you believe in, sharing your message with the world and taking your next steps in business and life in alignment. Let the magic begin.

"Working on your story with Yvette is serious business and a party all in one. It's very special how Yvette knows how to catch a story, so clear and powerful. I almost can't believe that it's MY story we're talking about! Putting your story on paper is something I would advise to everybody. It's the foundation of all of your work, of your life, of who you are. And Yvette guides you into your story in a marvelous and professional way. She's the best at what she does!" 

Martine de Troije-Wouters

"Yvette is an incredible woman who works with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. She is outstanding in her field of work and teaches people in a practical way to tell their story powerfully. I am heavily impressed by her and her work and recommend everybody to work with her, because on top of it all she has a really great energy that you just want to be in close proximity of and feel all around you." 

Glancy van Elst

"I didn't want a sales talk or summary of my background on my website, but an inspiring story that would highlight my personality and character. I talked with Yvette about what I felt was my story and she immediately picked up on the essence of it! It was very inspiring to me to work with Yvette. In the future, whenever I want to work on my storytelling again, I know who I'm going to call!"

Linda Snijders


"Professional, sincere, authentic, quick... Yvette is the kind of person you would want to work together with on a fulltime basis  because then you can be sure that everything will work out perfectly. She teaches you to bring the best of yourself and your business to the surface... with the right words and personal stories. Yvette starts a movement in yourself, in the direction of telling a new story which will help you attract everything that you truly desire." 

Natascha Koningsveld


Yvette facilitated Storytelling training programs, workshops

and coaching for organizations as:

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